Regal Ride is a professional horse simulator. It has been programmed to offer real life like simulations in a range of disciplines, such as racing, jumping, dressage and cross country. Set it at an automatic pace and enjoy the ride or set it at manual and learn the skill of giving the perfect signal in order for the horse to perform in a specific way. In this mode, it is said that it is more difficult to ride than a real horse because it requires specific signals to act. In the case of a live horse, even if the signals are not spot on, the horse can think for itself and guess what you want and thus act, however not so with the simulator in this mode, making it an excellent training tool for competitive riders. Benefits of the simulator:

  • as mentioned above, great for training competitive riders to perfect their skill,
  • great as a fitness tool for all
  • experience a level of riding that you are yet striving to achieve
  • opportunity for a rider to put in extra hours without overworking their horse
  • riders who are recovering from an injury can continue to train without the risk of hurting themselves again because of having to manage a strong horse
  • riders can continue their training while their horse is recovering from an injury
  • therapy for people with specific challenges or disabilities ( an assistant can be alongside them at all times)

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