“Action This” is exactly that – action. With this blog in the future, we want to break down the elephant into little bites serving them almost as anĀ entree. With so much information out there these days it is sometimes very easy to get overwhelmed or get lost in the forest where you can’t see the wood for the trees anymore. One of the most valuable things I’ve learnt is that I can get a very big task done by just consistently doing a small task. The important thing is that you are doing something. Sometimes one can read a whole book because it is the thing to do, but then there is so much information that you end up doing nothing with the knowledge you have acquired. Even if you take one small thing that you have learnt and implement it, the world can change very quickly. So, with this blog, this is what we will be looking to do. Eating that elephant one bite at a time. Catch you next time.


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