Barn Butlers will be a place for connecting people’s needs to people’s skills. Here equestrians who would like to work with horses and offer their services to horse owners will have an opportunity to list their skills such as stable manager, farrier, therapist, trainer, coach, photographer etc. On the flip side, are you going on holiday, or are you sick or need to study and can’t get to your horses?  Is work making it hard to get to your horse to feed it? The Barn Butlers website is the place for you to go and find somebody in your area with the necessary skills that can help you out. Alternatively, you can list the qualities you are after in a butler and allow for candidates to apply. Barn Butlers will be at your service soon. Subscribing to our newsletter is probably the best way of getting notified when the site is ready and you can either subscribe below or go to our landing page at


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