Barn Barista will be a coffee shop like no other coffee shop. Apart from the obvious great coffee and food, this coffee shop for starters will be a barn like atmosphere with pictures and accents of horses throughout it. This coffee shop will be a hub for people to relax and connect both in person and through technology. With given props or tools that will help people connect with one another in a healthy manner.  It will be a place of both small talk and big talk and a place to receive answers to some questions. It will be available to those who would like a listening ear and a place to find counsel and prayer and books to read. With some light music as well as live music, this coffee shop will be a great feel at home-like atmosphere and will offer a venue for workshops or meetings. Furthermore, it will be the house for the Regal Ride which will add it’s own bit to the overall atmosphere. Our little Purple Horse will make random visits to promote it’s cause and bring pleasure to those around. If you are subscribed to our newsletter, you will receive details on opening details in advance. Looking forward to meeting you at the Barn.